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How much water evaporation is normal is a Vegas pool?

Jun 30

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The normal water evaporation in a Las Vegas pool

A swimming pool is a perfect way to relax and unwind in a subtropical city of Nevada. This city may have many internationally renowned resorts where you can enjoy with your family, but nothing beats having a pool in your own yard where you can dive any time you want without spending cash.

But just like everything, it needs some proper maintenance to enjoy it for long years and prevent having problems with it. One of the major issues that every owner does have is the pool leaks which can be a reason that it won’t function properly and will eventually create bacteria that are harmful to those people who will dive in.

It is essential to have a proper plan on how to clean and have good maintenance of your swimming pool for it is the key to reducing the time and amount of money you spend on maintenance repair expenses. And it is advisable to hire an expert to give it a check by its expertise and pool servicing equipment. Doing that will improve the lifespan and cleanliness of your pool which gives your family safe leisure moments. 

Some of the necessary weekly routines that you need to follow if you don’t want any problems with it in the future are:

  • The water level in the pool should be regularly checked to know the difference, and if needed you should top it up.
  • The area around the pool should be clean to avoid any dirt inside it.
  • The wall of the pool must be brushed to prevent any algae build-up.
  • The filters and skimmer baskets should be cleaned up to maintain the cleanliness of the pool.
  • The pool’s pH level should be checked, and adjust its water balance if necessary. And also the pool chemicals.
  • The floor of the pool should also be vacuumed to avoid algae so we can clearly see if there are any leaks.

In a climate like in Las Vegas, it is important to cover the swimming pool when not in use because it can lose up to an inch of water a week because of evaporation. And during the hottest season which is the summer months, pools can lose up to four inches per day.