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How often should a pool filter be cleaned?

Aug 13

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How many times should we clean our pool filter?

A swimming pool is a great leisure for everyone to have. Not just that, swimming is a good form of exercise because it strengthen and tones up your muscles, keeps your cardiovascular healthy, and promotes endurance in fighting stress. Because of those advantages, who doesn’t want to have it in the comfort of their property?

But just like everything else, it needs a proper maintenance to keep the water condition suitable for everyone to dive in. Pool cleaners are the one who has the skills and equipment in maintaining the clean, and crystal clear water. They are a great help to those pool owner who doesn’t have enough time to do all those responsibility. Keeping your pool clean can extend its lifespan and to help avoid algae growth which is harmful to humans. A balance of chemicals and regular weekly pool maintenance should be made to achieve that, and also the pool’s filter is one of the important parts that you should be properly maintain.



What is a pool filter? A pool filter is a part where it cleans the water by catching all those dirt particles, debris, insects, and other contaminations. Its main purpose is to help the pool’s water stay clean, crystal clear and bacteria free so that the people who will swim will not caught any disease. Aside from filtering those contaminated dirt particles, it also serves as the one that circulates and mixes those chemicals added to dissolve it quickly so that water will be crystal clear.

How often should a pool filter be cleaned? There are different types of filters and each one of them has its own requirements and needs that an owner should learn. Not being able to fulfill its responsibility will face great consequences in the future. The water will become cloudy and a great breeding ground for algae and bacteria.

  • Sand Filter - Sand filter is a tank full of sand that connects to your filter system. The water will go through the tank full of sand, and this is where the unwanted debris and other contaminated particles are filtered so that it will not return to the pool. In this filter, you need to backwash it when the pressure on the gauge reaches 5-10 psi. It takes 1 to 4 weeks to do it. But remember to never over backwash to avoid removing enough chemicals needed for the pool.
  • Cartridge Filter - Cartridge filter uses cloth-type material in filtering. Water passes and runs through the filter and returns to the pool in a clean and clear condition. Cleaning this filter is usually done every month as part of the maintenance. When cleaning, you need to remove the cartridge from the canister remove the dirt by spraying it with a hose, and when deep cleaning, you need to brush it and soak it in a cleaning solution for an hour and then wash it again. Cartridge replacement is every 3 to 4 years.
  • DE Filter - DE filter or Diatomaceous Earth is compact and filters out the small particles compare to the 2 types of filters. It needs fresh DE powder. The suggested replacement is every 2 to 3 years and it should be cleaned up every 6 months. Just ask your local pool service for more details!